My Boring Life

Each week, I plan on having an awesome weekend filled with fun stuff that I can blog about later. Each week, I daydream about the kickass things A.P. and I will do together, building new memories and having a blast doing so. Then the weekend rolls around and before I know it, I'm sleeping on a couch. I tell A.P. I'm going to do a bunch of stuff - run errands, go to the store, clean the house, pick a movie for us to go see. But here's what happens instead: I sleep. I sleep in, I lay around the house, unable to move, then if I can, I take a nap. Before I know it, it's too late to do anything. Plus...I'm usually too tired anyway. And I know you're thinking I'm depressed or something, but I'm not. For one thing, I know the difference. For another, I'm not alone. A.P. spends much of his weekend in the same way, though he usually talks himself into getting some chores done more than I do (I hate housecleaning. It's easy to talk myself out of that.).

The thing is, work and life are stressing me out big time. I'm unhappy with my family, working my ass off (and I had an intern doing half of my job until last week), and I'm so tired or stressed that I'm not even able to seek my creative outlets, like blogging or photography or guitar.

Plus, Ollie is great, but he's a lot of work. Sure, it's mostly fun work, but after a long day, sometimes I want to curl up and pass out for an hour. Not play endless fetch. I grin, bear it, and play the endless fetch because I love Ollie and I want him to be a happy puppy. But geez-a-lou! It wears me out big time.

All of this adds up to a nutty, boring life. One filled with not enough sleep Monday through Friday and too much sleep Saturday and Sunday. Rinse. Repeat.

I had on my list that I needed to re-prioritize my life. That I needed to put life and A.P. first and work second. It's so, so hard. And not just for me, but for A.P., too. Plus, I think we're bored of being bored. We want to do fun things. We want to have a life filled with adventure and fun. And we want to be able to walk through the door and leave work behind because, in the end, it's not important to us. But in these tough economic times, it's every man for themselves and so work has, without us trying, become a huge focus. And so, we work ourselves into a stupor and then spend the weekend in a post-work, boredom coma. Guys, what am I going to do??? I need to get out of this funk. We need to get out of this funk.

And no...we didn't get that damn tree put up, though it and the boxes of decorations are sitting outside, on our back porch, waiting to be brought inside to adorn our home.


  1. Girl, you know I feel your pain. Sleeping is #1 on my top priority list right now!

  2. So, I completely sympathize. I don't know if this is your situation at all, but my problem when I plan to do a bunch of stuff and then get lazy is that even while I'm being lazy, I beat myself up for not doing all the stuff I planned . . . and then I don't really get the benefit of being lazy. And there totally is a benefit - sometimes you just need to turn off.

    So, my solution is to actually set aside a lazy day for absolutely nothing to be accomplished without feeling bad about it. Usually Saturday. Then, Sunday, I actually feel pumped and refreshed to do things!

  3. Oh my god, I KNOW. I understand exactly how you feel. Hang in there! Someday we'll all get to do fun things on the weekend instead of just collapsing in an exhausted heap!


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