Some Days You Gotta Dance

This week, I really have wanted to dance. We had a small party at work yesterday and I was the DJ. I realized that I was more interested in dancing than figuring what music to play for people. In general, I love, love, love to dance. I really wish A.P. was more into it, alas he's not a dancer. So, I very rarely get chances to dance. Yesterday, I totally busted a move. It was so much fun! And it made me miss real Friday dances, when A.P. and I would practice dancing before the wedding. Which is why, this week, instead of a Dance Friday photo, I'm posting one of my favorite commercials on TV right now. Excuse the ad for Lowe's and focus more on the adorable couple dancing their way through life (as they renovate home after home after home).

This week, I have the pleasure of showing you guys yet another submission. Remember Helen? Well, she and her wife are the wonderfully talented photographers behind Bettencourt Chase(they also have a blog where they post not only their photos but also the creative projects they undertake). When Helen and I started talking about her Other Side of the Aisle post, we also discussed the upcoming wedding and engagement shoots that she and Lindi were taking. As soon as she showed me where Rachel and Thomas were getting married, I called dibs. But, it's not the backdrop that makes this wedding beautiful...it's the true adoration between the lovely couple and of course, the beautiful photographs. Enjoy!

Are Rachel and Thomas not the sweetest?? Are those not the most beautiful pictures? I show a lot of color photos, but I really do heart black and white. And for whatever reason, I love Helen and Lindi's black and white photos. They're always so crisp and clear and well lit.

Speaking of photographs, I'm excited for my jam packed weekend! Sunday, I'll be taking a film photography boot camp. I love photography and consider it a hobby. I learn more every day, but everything I've learned has been digital. And I still don't have a digital SLR. So, I'm excited to work with an actual SLR where I can control all the settings instead of half (I currently shoot on a camera that is better than a point and shoot and has lots of manual features, but is not a SLR). I'm also super excited to go into the darkroom, something I've never, ever done. Last year, I bought a Canon AE-1 on eBay and I'm so excited to use it. Plus, I figure I'll learn a lot of tips and tricks to use with my digital camera, too. Yay for photography, people!

The other fun thing I'm doing is hanging out with the little boy I used to nanny. When I was in grad school, I nannied for a bunch of families, but the last year and a half was devoted just to one little boy, the son of a family friend. I started watching him when he was 5 mos. old. He couldn't even roll over yet. I watched him until he was about a year and a half, and this year he turned four! A week ago, his mom gave birth to a new baby boy and I figured it would be nice for me to offer up my old nanny skills and give them some time with the baby. So my little man and I are going to Horner Park in Chicago for their Pumpkin Patch celebration (if you're in Chicago and want to be surrounded by kids, come say hi! I may even tell you my real name. : ) ). It's complete with a petting zoo, hayrides, and carnival games. I'm excited to spend time with my little guy and do awesome, fun stuff (and basically get to be a kid again...my favorite part of nannying). I'm also excited to meet the newest addition to their little family. So yeah, this weekend is all about me. I'm not even sure what A.P. is doing (lol). But I'm sure he'll figure it out. Better question is what are YOU doing?? Whatever it is, have a wonderful weekend!

In the mean time, here are your dance moves for the week:

It's just you and me, baby!

This is scaring the crap out of me. It's so creepy and gross!

Like everyone else lately, I'm obsessed with elbow patches. But these take the cake!

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(Rachel and Thomas's wedding photographed by Bettencourt Chase Photography; Venue: Pratt Place Inn & Barn, Fayetteville, AR; Caterer: The Event Group)

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