Wedding Wednesday: Autumn Wedding Inspiration

In keeping with my fall themed posts. If I hadn't gotten married in spring, it would have been an autumn wedding for sure. As you know, it's my favorite season! Here's some pretty fall wedding decor!

Apple Cider in Apples! (I might do this just for the hell of it!)

Harvest Chair Decor for the Bride and Groom

Blankets for your guests if you're getting in one of the last outdoor weddings!

Caramel Pears (These are then dipped in coarse sugar, but why not give some sea salt a try?)

(All Photo Credits linked above)


  1. I love these! And I totally love the blanket idea, I went to an outdoor wedding in the NC mountains in September. It was blazing hot during the day, but once the sun went down it was chilly (even around the bonfire where they had a s'mores station set up, another awesome idea that made them my new favorite wedding couple) and those blankets came in really handy. They also became props in some really awesome pictures.

    I'm going to go sneak away from work and make some apple cider in apples now....

  2. Thanks! The blanket idea was probably my favorite. How awesome would that be at a wedding???


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