Friday Dance: Best of 2011

Oh what a week! The Half-breed Swede and her man (whose nickname has yet to be determined) are in town and we have been going, going, going (hence no post yesterday and the late posts this week). My brain has become mush as it is heavily swimming in alcohol, tourism, and fun. Next week aims to bring about both jury duty and hopefully sanity. We shall see.

In the mean time, I'm going strong with my Best of 2011. Here are the 10 best Friday dances of the year. These were weddings that wowed me with either the details or the sheer emotion. Enjoy!

A Johnny Cash themed wedding? Go on!

A breathtaking Balinese wedding.

Helen and Lindi's beautifully shot NTMK submission made my list for the amazing venue alone. So rustic and gorgeous!

A engagement shoot that re-imagines the classic children's tale, Red Riding Hood.

A super sweet vintage Philly wedding, complete with adorable couple.

An awesome superhero themed wedding that takes the cake!

This charming, super small wedding hooked me with the bride's plaid shirt and skirt combo!

A budget bride who looks outstanding in not one, but two amazing (and wallet friendly) dresses and a beautiful reception with an amazing dessert buffet.

Michael and Tim's too cool for school Ace Hotel wedding shot by the lovely Noa of Feather Love Photography.

A gorgeous Up inspired wedding complete with autographs from the filmmakers!

We are getting ready for our Classic Hollywood New Year's Eve party tomorrow and hanging out with the Half-breed Swede and her man until Monday. It's been an event-filled week and one which I will gladly recap for you all next week (I've been taking some great photos with my new DSLR). What are you doing New Year's Eve? Whatever it is, I hope it's fun and fabulous and you ring in the New Year with those you love. : ) And I will see you next year with a List for 2011 recap, among many other things.

In the mean time, here are the last dance moves of 2011:

1940's New York (shot by the amazing Stanley Kubrick, who died on my 18th birthday)

(Friday dance Photo via here; Best of Photos credits linked above)

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