The Last Winter Dance Party

Let's talk about A. how fast this week went, and B. how nutty it's been. I worked late every day. I scrambled to get Christmas shopping done (I'm finishing up Saturday, fingers crossed!). I had my guitar recital, which I wasn't going to go to, but I felt bad, so I stayed. I didn't make A.P. go, so there are no photos of me rocking John Lennon's "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)." Oh, well. And to top it all off, I'm terrified of my busy, busy pre-Christmas weekend. I think I'm going to have to work all night tomorrow evening in order to be able to even have a weekend. Suckety, suck, suck. Why must the weeks leading up to Christmas always be such a nutshow??

Speaking of Christmas, are you hoping for a white one? I almost always wake up Christmas morning wishing there is snow on the ground. This year, though, I think I will wish for warmer weather. I'm not wishing for Florida or anything, but we had our first official, stick-to-the-ground snow this week, and it was scary as HELL driving! I almost died...twice. The roads were just ice and I couldn't even break. Yeah...not looking forward to that at all.

But for all wedding intents and purposes, I'm digging this bit of wintry wedding inspiration photographed by Jenny Haas. You so rarely see real winter weddings. I guess people don't want to deal with the same stuff I don't want to deal with as a regular old citizen. Until more brave couples man up and throw some kickass winter weddings, we'll have to use our imaginations.

Wasn't that dreamy? I love that table setting the most. Imagine having a whole winter garden filled with tables like that? Le sigh.

This weekend will go like this: Friday night=work, work, work. Saturday day=shop, shop, shop. Saturday night=celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. Sunday morning=work, work, work. Sunday afternoon=decorate, decorate, decorate. Sunday night=collapse, collapse, collapse. What are you up to? Something more relaxing than me, I hope!

In the mean time, here are your dance moves for the week:

I imagine if I still wrote poetry, I'd like to write it here.

DIY Wedding/Party Favors I want to eat through my screen.

Would you stay in a tree hotel?

Thinking about making these for some of my coworkers. Aren't they too cute?

Totally weird and totally fascinating: Black Cat Auditions in Hollywood, 1961

Someone asked me the other day what would happen if a deadly disease hit Chicago. My response? Zombie apocalypse. Here's where I want to live when that happens.

(Friday Dance Photo via here; Winter Wedding Inspiration Photographed by Jenny Haas and styled by Ashley Krogman Designs via Green Wedding Shoes)

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