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I can't believe this week is over already! It flew by! I hate that we had to wait so long for summer to come and now it's flying by. Sometimes Chicago weather is lame. Today, A.P. has taken the day off work and I am planning a day trip for us. He needs a day of relaxation and I am trying to plan one for the both of us. We need a bit of fun.

Speaking of a bit of fun, this week's wedding is so charming, it's going to make you wish you were one of the lucky five guests invited. That's right! Five! Steven and Amanda's gorgeous, intimate wedding is so lovely and filled with such sweet details. It was beautifully shot by Bend the Light Photography in the bride's home state of Texas. But the thing I love the most, the thing that made me feature this wedding is the what Amanda wore. I love her beautiful skirt and super, super cute plaid shirt! How awesome is that?

Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? I love all the silhouettes and, of course, Steven's way cool pompadour. Der.

So, besides tomorrow's day trip, A.P. and I are hanging with family and chipping away at the apartment some more. We also have to take our dog to the vet...again. We took him last week, but he had another seizure (we are calling them this for lack of a better word since we are not entirely sure they are actually seizures). It's really, really sad and has cast a shadow over our house. I am trying to stay positive, but I worry that something is really wrong with poor little Radar. So we are giving him a little extra love this week to make up for the sad seizures and the three trips to the vet in the past week! What are you guys up to this weekend? Hopefully something better than worrying about a five pound beastie.

In the mean time, here are your dance moves for the week:

How about a dinner party in the middle of nowhere?

Did you hear? Did you hear? You can be darling on your wedding day, too! Yay!

The simultaneous joy and heartbreak of kids growing up

It seems like friendship bracelets are making a comeback. I was never into them the first time, but if you were, here are some easy DIY instructions. Rock it hard if you do make it, ladies!

One of my favorite wedding inspiration boards. Green and stripes? Ummm...count me in!

Thinking about submitting your wedding? First off, save it for me (more on that later). Second of all, have you heard of the Wedding Blog Directory? It outlines the submission requirements for different sites. So cool!

Want to go tubing through an old sugar plantation?

Vintage suitcase craft organizer

Pretty homemade peppermint patties

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(Dance Friday Photo via here; Amanda and Steven's wedding photographed by Bend the Light; Photos via Love and Lavender)

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  1. I need to sleep real bad. Plus, when I sleep, I don't eat. If I wake up I might work out.


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