Going Crazy

I'm not sure if I've ever talked about the fact that one of my siblings is bipolar. Well, he's having an episode, and it's stressing me out on top of the giant stacks of work I need to get done this week and next. It's not just him that's stressing me out, it's everyone else. Because, as I told A.P. last night, I can deal with his crazy, it's everyone else's crazy that's unbearable.

Anyway, this is the last week of overtime, and I've decided not to do the next three month stint. I'll resume again in the summer, and I'll still be able to make extra cash then. Thanks again for all your advice! I think many of you were right, in that it's better to save myself and do it every other time. I already can't wait to come home at a reasonable hour again. Oh the Law & Order reruns I'm going to watch!

Anyway, this is a short, but sweet post today. I'm stressed and tired, and some days, this is the best I can do. Have a great Tuesday, people!

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  1. Sorry you have to go through that. My brother is physchotic, too so I can totally relate even though I'm not in charge of him.
    Enjoy the more relaxing times in the coming 3 months, you totally deserve that!


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