Cupcake Madness

I promise you I'm working on uploading my bday pictures (though many of them are not that hot), but in the mean time I want you all to know how obsessed with cupcakes I've been lately. Obviously, I love cupcakes and I always have, ever since my mother made these awesome cupcakes when I was in the 2nd grade with a pink parfait frosting. It was my one of my first memorable cake experiences, second only to to the time my mom first made lemon cake for me with lemon frosting. That started a life long love affair with lemon cake. Anyway, I heart cupcakes so much, and I'm always on the hunt for a new source of yummy deliciousness.

Since we got married at Lovely, a bakery here in Chicago, most people assume I think that Lovely's cupcakes are the best. They'd be wrong. There's a lot of things I love at Lovely: lemon squares, mini-pies, macarons, and brownies, to name a few. But the cupcakes there are sort of hit or miss, and well, they're just not my favorite. The ones they did for our wedding were awesome, but still, Lovely doesn't compare to my all time favorite cupcake place in town: Sweet Mandy B's bakery in Lincoln Park. This is where I went on my birthday and I had six amazing cupcakes, including lemon!

Anyway, imagine my delight when I saw this picture of these oh so beautiful cupcakes!

It got me in the mood for spring, which has been trying to edge winter out the past couple of weeks. It also gets me in the mood for cupcakes. Go figure.

What dessert can't you pass up?

(Photo via Petunia)


  1. Oh my god, those are the most beautiful cupcakes I have ever seen! Holy crap, I'm going to have to go there next time I'm in Chicago.

  2. My bad. I guess I wasn't clear. Those aren't from Sweet Mandy B's. However, I still urge you to check out Sweet Mandy B.'s next time you're in town. Their cupcakes are:
    - homestyle (read: sooo yummy but not over the top)
    - perfectly frosted
    - super, super moist
    I'm drooling just thinking about it. And trust me when I say that my big butt has tried a ton of the great cupcake places in town. Though, A.P. reported there's a new one by his work that we have to try. There's always a line, so he never swings by. : O (


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