Work, Work, Work

I am so sorry for not posting yesterday, people. I started a new temp job on top of my regular job, and this was the first week. What that means is that twice a week, I stay after work and do another job. That means twice a week, I work 12 hour days: 7:30-7:30. It, well, sucks. But it means more money in my pocket, something for my resume, and surprisingly I get some of my regular work done during the extended hours, so in some ways, I bring less work home. It's just temporary. I'm going to see how it goes, and then I can decide if I want to do it permanently. So far, it's exhausting. I had to drink a cup of coffee tonight to stay away, and I rarely drink coffee (I'm more of a Diet Coke person).

Anyway, yesterday, I came home, cooked dinner, watched a ton of TV, and completely forgot to blog. By the time I remembered, I was so tired, I just skipped it altogether. Since I'm not really bringing home work this weekend, I figured it's a good opportunity to pre-write a bunch of posts so that this absence doesn't occur again. In the mean time, though, this post might have to suffice for tonight. I'm so tired I can't even see straight.

Let's dance tomorrow, peeps!

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