Some photos from our blizzardly past 24 hours...

First up is our "walk" with the dog last night. I put walk in quotations because we were outside for a total of two minutes. Our dog, Radar, was soooo not into it.

The weather was so insane. This is my second blizzard, and Lord knows I've endured many a bad snow storm, but this is the first time I heard thunder and saw lightening during a snow storm! It was so crazy! The dog was all kinds of confused as to how to get over that little pile of snow in front of the door, and as soon as he peed he turned around and walked right back in. We really were out there for a total of two minutes!

A.P. and I both had the day off of work today. He had to work from home, and I should have worked from home, but instead decided that what I really needed was to lay around and not do much. So that's what I did. After a few hours of relaxing and watching people start to emerge from their homes, we geared up and headed out to clean off our car and dig it out of the mess a bit.

Our car was not as buried as some (see the little teal car below), but it was still knee deep on the sidewalk side. So crazy! We had the car running the whole time to help melt the snow and let the engine run a bit, so I took a break inside for a bit while A.P. dug the car out.

After we dug the car out, we tried to get it out of the spot, but that was a no go. So we parked it back in the spot and took a mini-walk around the neighborhood. All around, people were starting to materialize. They were coming from the CVS and various neighborhood stores, and most everyone was walking in the street. The only cars out seemed to be giant SUVs that could manage the snow. At the end of our block was a giant snow hill that was taller than A.P.! We posed for some photos in front of it, and then trudged back home. Before getting back home, I collapsed into the snow and made an angel. You ask why, I say why not?

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