We Came to Dance

You all know I love How I Met Your Mother, right? (Evidence here and here.) Well, this year they've been showing all the episodes in reruns on Lifetime and a local affiliate and I've actually been getting home in time to watch them! The other day they showed Marshall and Lily's wedding, which I'd kind of forgotten about. I remembered that problems galore plagued their ceremony, but I forgot that they had a small intimate ceremony with just the gang before the big event. The intimacy and sweetness of this gorgeous little elopement featured at OnceWed reminded me of that fake, tv wedding. So today's Friday dance is all about the elopement, something I'm sure everyone who has ever gotten married has thought about doing at some point or another, but which only a brave few seem to be able to carry out.

Plus some other elopement merriness...

One man's plan to elope.

A sweet elopement story with an awesome video!

A hop, skip, and an elopement across the pond in NYC.

Here's an idea: Elope during lunch...complete with picnic!

Pitch perfect elopement style on the part of the bride.

Simple, elegant elopement announcements.

(Friday Dance Photo by Me!; Elopement Photos by Wrinkle in Time Photography via OnceWed)

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