We've Got a Thing That's Called Radar Love

I know I've posted about my craft cat, Zuzu Petals, before, but I'm not so sure I've ever posted about our dog, Radar. Here's a little history on our animals (yes that's plural) in general. When A.P. and I first started dating the only animal in our lives was Zuzu, the one fanged kitty. Zuzu is a very, very friendly cat. She will go up to complete strangers and curl up on their laps. When I first found her at the Anti-Cruelty Society, she curled right up on my arms. However, she does not like A.P. Not one bit. She did at first, but then he would chase her around the apartment trying to catch her to pet her, and he would pet her aggressively as if she were a dog. Perhaps the final straw for poor Zuzu was when he did things like this:

A.P.'s feet with Zuzu.
Photo by me!

Let's get a close-up on that reaction, shall we?

A.P.'s feet with Zuzu 2.
Photo by me!

Needless to say when A.P. and I moved in together, it was difficult to get her to sleep in the bed again and hang out with us on the couch. The other reason she hates A.P.? Because about six months after I met him, A.P. took in his ex-girlfriend's dog, Radar, who he loved so much and was so sad to leave behind when he moved out after the break up. His ex-girlfriend moved to Texas and left the dog with her sister, who wasn't taking the best care of Radar, and I encouraged A.P. to take him in, and we haven't looked back since. We love Radar so much and are thoroughly convinced that we have the cutest animals. (Btw, after Zuzu and before Radar, I bought A.P. a guinea pig, Henry, who we also have. I know. You're shaking your head at me now thinking we're nuts. I know we are. A.P. doesn't care too much for Henry, and he's really become my pet at this point, but he's a cutie too.)

I know. You're tilting your head thinking that you have a dog or a cat or a bunny or whatever and Radar may be cute, but he can't possibly be as cute as your pet. But he can be. He is.

Radar 2007
Photo by me!

You have no idea what it's like, either, owning an animal this cute. I mean, when people come over, they'll say Zuzu is cute, but really she looks like a lot of cats. Her cuteness is in her energy and how she approaches people without fear. And occasionally it makes an appearance in her one fanged smile. But Radar? Radar is whole different kind of cute. People stop us on the street and tell us he's cute...ALL THE TIME. They can never believe that he's seven years old, and they always, always want to know what kind of dog he is (half chihuahua and half miniature poodle). He has the biggest brown eyes and they have such expression.

Photo by me!

He elicits the most oohs and aaahs of any animal I've ever known! Even my mother loves him...and as many of you know, my mother barely loves me. Plus at parties, he becomes an instant attraction as he is also the most well endowed little doggie and everyone makes comments about that! Don't believe me? Take a better look at that picture with the red backdrop.

The thing is, I hate dogs. I don't hate them, I just hate owning them. I got a cat for a reason: no 7am walking necessary. It drives A.P. crazy that I never walk Radar, too. I know it's a real point of contention between us. I try and explain to him, though, that Radar and I have an agreement. The little doggie, as I call him, accepts that I don't do walks, and I don't do feedings (after all, I already feed Zuzu and Henry), but I do allow him to sleep right up against me at night (witness the evidence below). It may not seem fair to A.P., but Radar and I think it's alright.

Radar and my boob
Photo by me!

Now if you're wondering what got me on this topic to begin with, it's because one of my favorite photographers, Kelty over at Steep Street recently posted these amazing photos of two little dogs, Quimby & Zooey. It made me wish she lived closer to me and could take photos of our animals.


  1. I have to admit. That dog of yours is really cute. And that's coming from a guy who does not do animals at all. My wife has been trying to convince me that we need a pet (but she's off the deep end talking about iguanas and snakes and whatnot). I'm not scared or anything. I've just never been an animal kinda guy. But I said all that to say, Radar is precious. Btw, I love the "A Wonderful Life" reference with the cat's name.

  2. Radar is one cute pooch! I thought my dog, Alice got the irresistible pup of the world award but Radar...I am not surprised people stop you on the street!

  3. Very cute - I'm normally a cat person, but that little face is pretty darn adorable :)


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