Awkward Family Photos Presents...Weddings!

Here's the wedding edition of Awkward Family Photo. If you've been reading this site for a little while, you know that I heart the ol' Awkward Family Photo. Right before my blogcation, I found these wedding themed Awkward photos and thought, why not spread the good word?? You want awesome shot ideas for your engagement session or wedding day??? Look no further!! First up is the "in hiding" pose. Here your partner hides behind your dress as you both peek awkwardly around the corner of a building. Background cliffs optional.

Next we have the "basketcase" pose. This is for couples who fit into one of two categories: A. you're both bubbly as hell, smile all the time, and everything is always "great," OR B. you're both actually basketcases, and the only display of happiness your relationship has ever shown was your wedding day where you posed for this ridiculous photo. Don't worry, though, even if you don't fit into one of these two categories, I'm sure your photographer would have no issue setting up this shot for you. Assuming, of course, he can find a basket big enough to hold the two of you!

Photo via Awkward Family Photos

Anybody who is already married have some awkward wedding photos? If you're brave enough, please share!


  1. omg, I love Awkward Family Photos!

  2. Funny! Awkward Family is genius. I have a growing collection of awkward wedding announcements you might be interested in perusing. . . http://thecelebrationsgame.wordpress.com

  3. I always love the Bride wanting to get away from the Groom photos...

    So she goes to all the trouble of getting all dressed up, but wants to run away from him!? haha

  4. hahaha - I am now going to trawl through our wedding photo's and find the most cringe-worthy one!!


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