Friday, er, Saturday Dance!

photo by me!

So...here it is...the super belated Dance Friday post! There's so much to post!! This is why you don't take a blogcation!

First up is another Jeremy Lawson wedding. If you haven't yet figured out my intense love for Jeremy's photographs, take a hint! This is not the first Dance Friday he's been featured in! I know there are a lot of famous wedding photographers out there who get a lot of love, but I always come back to Jeremy. I like how he captures emotion, and it never seems like he's trying so damn hard to be arty. Anyway, the latest of his creations that I have fallen for is Ashley and Brian's wedding. They were married in Iowa, a state with which I have a special love affair, and even had part of their wedding shoot at the Field of Dreams! So cool! I'm so jealous! Haven't been there in ages! Check out some of the photos below, and for the rest, go to Jeremy's blog (because we all know my polaroids don't do his beautiful photos justice)!

photos via Jeremy Lawson Photography

The only thing missing from Ashley and Brian's wedding is perhaps the use of a some good vintage bicycles. They should have asked Kortney and Jason to borrow their bikes.

photo via Green Wedding Shoes

Okay, let's talk dresses for a moment. Do you guys read Chuckle's Blog? She was one of my first readers, and though her blog wasn't ever intended to be a wedding blog, it became that for a little while as she put the finishing details into planning her own wedding. Lately she's been posting pictures of the event, and while the whole affair looked very personalized and lovely, it was her beautiful vintage dress that caught my attention. Now for the part that'll make you hate her like hell...she only paid $75 for it!!! I know, I know. I'm jealous, too. Check it out:

photos via Chuckle's Blog

That's my dream...to find a cheap little vintage number that flatters my body and makes the other girls sigh both based on its wow factor and the fact that I got it at such a bargain. Don't get me wrong...I'll take expensive and sigh-worthy, too. I still don't know about veils though. I love birdcage veils and think they're so cute and chic if done right, but this girl's hairpiece made me rethink my birdcage veil aspirations. Perhaps I'll trade in a birdcage veil for a bird in nest hairpiece? If so, I'll have only Vintage Glam to thank!

Now for the reception. My big thing in wedding planning more than anything else are the tiny details that really personalize the wedding. These are my recent favorites. First up are the swizzle sticks from A Field Journal. How cute would your initials be on these pretty little sticks? You could also adapt this pattern into cute name cards!

photo via A Field Journal

My other favorite is from Parcel Post who is subbing in for Brooklyn Bride. She posted on artsy indie finds and included this simple string of yarn with hearts paperclipped to it. How cute! It's so simple and inexpensive and it's so cute. You could even glam it up a bit with pretty craft paper and pretty gold paperclips. A great idea for escort cards, too! Such a simple thing with so many possibilities.

photo via Brooklyn Bride

Finally, this video which I found over at A Cup of Jo is the most adorable thing ever. Check it out, and most of all, enjoy the rest of the weekend! Make sure to come back next week, I've got great invites from Felix and Liz, and some other cute stuff saved up!


  1. this is the cutest video! totally beats pam and jim!

    good luck with the giveaway! <3

  2. wow! you are probably the most thorough blog-linker i've ever seen in my life! and you chose pure gold to share with us. ps clearly i am a biased vote for no birdcage (it's been pretty overdone lately,...which is ironic because the point behind it seems to be to do something refreshing and unexpected. oops.). thanks for your love for our wedding though. : ) you're welcome to check out more on the ole blogaroo anytime.

  3. Too bad blogs like yours weren't around when I was planning my wedding (oh yeah, the internet was barely around back then). Also, I loved the video very cute, and it made me start my day with a smile.

  4. I love your love for vintage. It speaks so much about who you are and then just the overall personality of the blog. And the photos are great as always. Nice video too.


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