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So, Nelia asked me a question the other day via comments about whether or not I was still planning on silkscreening our invitations. Truth be told, I really, really want to, and believe I can, too. However, since buying that silkscreen, I haven't even cracked the box open. I've been working so hard this summer, and savoring it since I still don't have a job lined up past the end of this month (despite a hardcore job search). Anyway, this job ends in a week and a half, and then I will have more time, because while normally I have spare time on the weekends to do things, this summer we've been hella busy. I bought some small tote bags at Target, and want to sketch out a little something and then practice silkscreening those. Once I do, I will post pictures here.

I'm not going to lie, though, a few weeks ago when I sketched out our potential invititations out of nothing else but sheer boredom, I was getting really discouraged about how making our own invitations would work out. It may take only a weekend or so to print them all (thank goodness we don't want to have a big wedding, otherwise I know I'd be screwed!), but it will take a good, long while to get my image finalized, burn the screen, etc. Oi! Right as I was getting overwhelmed though, I decided to take a blog break and head over to one of my favorites in the blogerhood, Avoision. Liz and Felix are no strangers on this blog; I've posted about them once or twice. Anyway, they are getting married very soon and are now officially my wedding heroes! Not only is Liz making all these awesome favors (click on those links for details), but they made these fantastic invitations. Look at the RSVP cards! They have a vespa, and I have to say, they worked in that detail nicely.

photo via Avoision

They glued the RSVP card to the back of the postcard. Can you believe they made these using fancy paper and a Canon iP4300 color printer??

photo via Avoision

Finally, because Liz and Felix have a bunny, Baxter, they affixed this adorable little paper band and seal with a bunny on it that says "Hoppily Ever After." [Insert collective awwww here.]

photo via Avoision

So while a final decision can't be made about my own invitation making until I do a trial run in August, I am in awe of Liz and Felix and their phenomenal work! Their invitations turned out gorgeous and they most definitely serve as inspiration!

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  1. Wow its so funny when I read the first paragraph of your blog because I too will be jobless in a week in a half and I have launched an intense job search. ( I've been working at a community summer camp) I know the feeling of being busy busy busy! I cannot even imagine having to plan a wedding during this time.Those invites pictured in your post are ultra cool.

    I'd say don't pressure yourself, you may find that when next week gets here you'll be able to knock them out in a day. If possible cut out at least 30 mins of your day to make some progress towards getting the image ready to print before next week. If you can't get them done by end of next week and its crucial to get them out soon then go with blan B... whatever that is.Good luck!


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