Geesh - I forgot!

I meant to post about this right before last week's Friday dance, and instead, given my recent listlessness a week later, it finally makes its way to the blog. Congrats to Michele, over at A Surprise Wedding, and her now hubby, Eric. I've been reading Michele's blog for a little while since Kyley at Fringe Magazine alerted me to her site. I was so excited to see how a surprise wedding would play out, so I'm not going to lie when I tell you that I was a wee bit disappointed when they ended up telling everyone the surprise! On the other hand, I'm always just so happy when all my blogladies get married and everything works out and nobody, you know, dies or gets hurt or has large centerpieces fall on their heads. Plus the after wedding bliss posts are always the sweetest! So, another single lady bites the dust...congrats, Michele!

PS. You want a lesson in budgeting? Check out Michele's budget on the sidebar of her blog! Talk about a budget bride! And you know I'm secretly excited that a Holga camera was part of her budget, given my love for its cousin, the Diana F+.


  1. just found your blog. lets just say it rules.

  2. "So, another single lady bites the dust..."

    lol. love that line.

  3. @gangsta bride: welcome! hope you come back! i checked out your blog as well...fantastic stuff! i'm featuring some of your stuff on my friday dance...in case you didn't already see.

    @mr. nichols: the older i get, the more they drop like flies. even the ones that shouldn't. lol.


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