It's Too Hot to Blog

A.P. asked me yesterday why I hadn't blogged yet this week? I replied, "It's too hot to blog!" And it is. It's been in the high 80s here lately, and today it rained and hit a high of 95! Can you say hot and muggy? Gross. I'm constantly sweating, and feel like taking four showers a day! The good news is that my summer job is in a non-air conditioned building! Wait, did I say good news? I meant ridiculous bullshit.

Besides being too hot to blog, it's also too hot to wedding plan or do anything else for that matter. The dog and cat are dead to the world, lying around our apartment, looking as if the heat has sucked all the life out of them (and we have air conditioning!). I said I would start going back to the gym this week, to help get rid of Hank, and I haven't done that. I'm so tired everyday from working in the heat, and from being hot on the commute, and yeah...these days I'm just feeling so listless.

But there's hope ahead, ladies (and mr. nichols)! This weekend A.P. and I are going cake tasting, and perhaps I can get him to stop by my maybe venue on the way home? We'll see, either way, I'll at least be over my languidness and back to my old, not so damn hot (and let's be clear, I mean heat, not good looks. I'm still totally hot in that regard! : 0 P ) self.

Finally, I'd like to express my deepest sorrow for a blog friend. I read yesterday's post this afternoon and was floored. My mouth was open for several minutes. I really just couldn't believe it. I have had a couple of friends call off their engagement in the last year, and it is just so heartbreaking each time, even if it was for a good reason. It's so hard and emotionally draining for these friends, and I really do feel them. It seems there are never good enough words to offer up as some kind of solace. Anyway, I don't know the circumstances of the situation above, so I don't want to judge it as being good/bad in any way, but I do want to give her a big e-hug and hope that she's doing okay. Because as I told my closest friend who called off her engagement late last year, it's not about anything else besides her own well being (she was worried about telling family and friends); that's all that matters.


  1. hey are you a writer? that last paragraph was really well put.

  2. Cake tasting. Hands down that was my favorite part of the wedding planning. I wish everyone on planet earth had access to the baker that blessed our wedding.

    I look forward to reading what y'all settle upon...

  3. hey marty j!

    lol. i appreciate the shout out.

    i understand you completely in this post. i hate being hot. and hot and sticky? it's the worst.

    in cali, thank God, we don't get too many of those days, at least where i am. but when i was living down in florida, i too wanted to camp out in the shower and call it a day.

    (and let's be clear, I mean heat, not good looks. I'm still totally hot in that regard! : 0 P )

    love it. ; )

  4. LOL at you being too hot to blog.... hot & sticky, not a good combo, you can't even try to look hot & sexy while you're hot... you just end up looking like a hot box...

  5. @mimi: nope, not a writer. but thanks! that's a great compliment.

    @Nelia: I'm going to take lots of pictures. Yay! Cake! And wine, too! I also can't wait to try the different caterers! Anything with food, really.

    @mr. nichols: a.p. is from florida! and what you described is EXACTLY why i won't move there, despite his father's urgent protestations.

    @DC Diva: hot box...that made me laugh.


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