I Saw Him Dancing There by the Record Machine

This week has gone by soooo slowly.  Glacially slow.  And I am tired.  I can't believe I still have to work today.  Plus, I have so much work to do this weekend!  It just never ends, does it?  On the plus side, the weather is finally warming up, so we are getting the garden all ready and though it is slow going, it's getting done.  Bit by bit.  : )

This week, I'm giving you an adorable retro engagement session.  This couple is so badass, and effortlessly so.  Lisa and Ollie's beautiful photographs are by Bekki Draper.  Ready to feel very unhip?




 They are such a cute couple, no?  And I love their choice of locations!  Very, very nice.

This weekend, I am ready to do a lot of work, celebrate my mother, and catch up on sleep.  Not necessarily in that order.  I'm working and doing chores Friday night and Saturday.  Then, I'm hosting a brunch for my mom on Sunday.  I'm not going all out because, frankly, I'm too tired.  And I've drawn the line at 3pm.  I'm going to start kicking people out at 4pm because I frankly don't think I can handle an all day affair and still go to work the next day.  Other than that, I'm relaxing as best I can.  What are you up to this weekend?  Any plans for Mom?

In the mean time, here are your dance moves for the week:

Spruce up your Mother's day with some cute free printables

Have you checked out The Shops at Target?

Fighting with a boyfriend/husband

Wintourfeld & Jacoppola

Colorful picnic ware

What a pretty tumblr

I love Fitzgerald.

Pretty sheer top

(All photos from Lisa and Ollie's engagement shoot by Bekki Draper)

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  1. Love those engagement photos! So clever and so cute! They look like such a fun couple!


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