Don't Hate Me

I'll be back to my regular blogging OH, SO SOON.  I am under massive deadlines at work and have also managed to throw out my back a bit the last few days.  Fun!  The deadlines will be over after next week and then I'll be back with a bunch of posts I've been working on, including:

- Several Weekend Date posts for Humboldt Park, Superdawg, and a quick (pet friendly) trip to Milwaukee
- Marriage Monday posts about...SEX!!  Gasp!
- Wedding Wednesday posts for creative guestbooks
- Friday dances with gorgeous weddings

and so much more, including List for 2012 updates, and my May reading list!

But all of these things require time and energy, neither of which I currently have.  Soon, though, I'll be back to my old tricks.  In the mean time, don't hate me.  : )

See you guys SOOO soon!  In the mean time, enjoy this new Beach House song which I'm OBSESSED with!

P.S.  Did you see that the lovely Sara had her beautiful baby??  A big congrats to the new mom!


  1. Hope your back is feeling better soon! That is no fun.

  2. I hope you are meeting your deadlines and finding peace and joy as you rest from your blogging labors. For a newbie like me, I'll be able to put the time to good use perusing your old posts and learning more about your passions.


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