Marriage Mondays: Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Growing up, my mom made a big to do over all holidays. Every Valentine's Day I woke up to something: heart shaped confetti littering the area around my cereal bow or some small gift, and of course there was always a sweet Valentine. Even now that I'm all grown up, I still feel the need to make Valentine's Day just as special. Though we don't go ape crazy, A.P. and I do try to do something each year.

This year, I lost a silly bet we had and it was my responsibility to plan Valentine's Day. But just yesterday, A.P. revealed that he had secret plans for us anyway. So, instead, I'm planning after dinner events and gifts. ; )

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? If so, what do you typically like to do?

PS. Swing by later for another Marriage Mondays post!

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1 comment:

  1. We don't do anything, but I kinda wish we did. February is always so busy and crazy anyway with birthdays, anniversaries and other fun things to celebrate, Valentine's usually gets passed over for other things. I really should get my husband a card or something, at least. :)


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