The Perfect Valentine's Day

Every year, A.P. goes to great lengths to make Valentine's Day special. It's really, really nice...but totally unnecessary. Wanna know what I would really love? I would love to watch a romantic comedy with A.P. and eat cupcakes from Sweet Mandy B's. Fancy dinners are great, but I feel like we've been there and done that. It'd be nice to do something low key this year.

Here's the thing, though. I want A.P. to care about the movie. Not care, care, but you know, watch it, pay attention to the plot, not get bored and fall asleep or end up on the computer (as he inevitably does if a film doesn't hold his interest). I want him to be able to talk about the movie at the end. I know. Crazy talk. A man caring about a romantic comedy? Let's face it, that may be why I never get this date for V-Day! : ) Oh well! A girl can dream.

What would you do on your perfect Valentine's?

PS. What I think A.P.'s ideal Valentine's day includes:

(Notebook Hearts photo via Favim; Nerd Valentine via Mad Design's Etsy Shop; Heart Pizza by Sarah Westbrook via One Charming Party)

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  1. I agree with you girls don't need money to stay happy all they need is time and love and some romantic moments form the person that they love. Money can't buy everything that is true


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