Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful New Year's Eve and a lovely New Year's Day (more on that later). We're recovering from our week's visit with The Half-breed Swede and her man (whose blogname is in the works). I have one last day of freedom and then tomorrow I have jury duty and a ton of work to do while I'm there.

I love the new year. I love the intense feeling of opportunity and a clean, fresh start. I've been reflecting on 2011 lately and, well, I don't know what to think quite yet. I'm finishing up my list for 2011 recap and I'm taking a much needed break today. I'm also putting together my list for 2012. In the mean time and in honor of the upcoming worldwide apocalypse, I give you some of my favorite words of all time on the subject from one of my all time favorite poems:

"...on a day nearly canceled by sunlight
when the entire hill is approaching
the ideal of Virginia
brochured with goldenrod and loblolly
and I think 'at least I have not woken up
with a bloody knife in my hand'
by then having absently wandered
one hundred yards from the house
while still seated in this chair
with my eyes closed.

It is a certain hill
the one I imagine when I hear the word 'hill'
and if the apocalypse turns out
to be a world-wide nervous breakdown
if our five billion minds collapse at once
well I'd call that a surprise ending
and this hill would still be beautiful
a place I wouldn't mind dying
alone or with you..."

-excerpt from "Self-Portrait at 28" by David Berman

Happy New Year, my lovelies!

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