Marriage Mondays: Romance

Do you consider yourself romantic? What about your main squeeze? If I had to tell the truth, under oath, I would say that A.P. is not great at romance. But I give him lots of points for trying. He always picks great restaurants for Valentine's Day or other romantic celebrations, he always gets me sweet gifts, and he's always a loving guy. But he's never once gotten me lingerie or any other kind of sexy gift. He's not a PDA guy, so we don't do a lot of affectionate things in public (e.g. holding hands). He's a stoic guy and that's the way it is. His father is the same way, so I see where it comes from. He's just a shy, reserved guy sometimes. I always feel loved and never doubt that he loves me, but some romance would be nice. Though, by this point, it might catch me so off guard, I might just end up laughing. Things like that happen sometimes. : )

I'm better at romance, but I still could probably use some work. I think the difference is that I try harder to make things memorable, so I will make cute little things that are romantic. Like a few weeks ago, I made him a special dinner and rented some movies. I made a little menu for him and two little movie tickets...one for each movie I rented. Cheesy, I know, but kind of romantic right?

What's your idea of romance? I like feeling pampered and getting a night off all the things I normally have to do: cooking, feeding the pets, etc. I'd also love a massage, a bubble bath, and some champagne, and some candles might be nice, too.

Are you good at romance? What about your husband/wife?

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