Global Food Disparity in Photos

Have you seen this before? Peter Menzel documented the imbalance between people's diets in various countries in his photography book Hungry Planet: What the World Eats. It's amazing to see how much people spend on food. As I've mentioned before, A.P. and I are trying more and more to watch how much we spend on food. We're getting better and better about buying only what we need and will use. Looking at these photos makes you even more cognizant of why that's important.

The Ukitas, a family in Japan spend approximately $317.25 on food each week.

The Sobczynscys of Poland only spend $151.27. It's interesting to see the differences in produce and processed food.

The Revis family of the United States spends $341.98 each week. Love that they're holding two greasy pizzas as part of a WEEKLY food expenditure.

The Namgay family of Bhutan spends only $5.03 to feed a family of 11!!! Wouldn't it be interesting to see what an average nightly meal looks like?

The Melander family of Germany spends $500.07 a week! Seemingly on a mostly liquid diet. Lol.

The Manzo family of Sicily spends $260.11 a week. Look at all those lovely loaves of bread!

The Casales family of Mexico spends $189.09 a week. Look at all the fruit! But I love that you still see things like Corn Flakes pop up in the background.

The Ayme family of Ecuador spends $31.55 a week for a family of 9. Amazing. It's also so interesting to see where these families live.
The Ahmed family of Egypt only spends $68.53 a week! There are so many fresh things in this picture. It's kind of amazing. That and meat. Look at that big old plate the woman in the back is holding.

This is by far the most startling. The Aboukar family of Chad only spends $1.23 on food each week...for a family of 6.

This makes you grateful you can put food on the table at all.

(Photos by Peter Menzel via Daily Kos)


  1. Wow! That's really incredible. Loving all the fruits and veggies and I'm cracking up at all the German beer!

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