Dancing the Whole Way Home

It's been a few weeks since I did a proper Friday dance and I apologize for that. The thing is, I have my guitar lessons on Fridays. 9 times out of 10, I come home exhausted from the long day and the last thing I want to do is blog. Then, Friday rolls around and I feel guilty. It's a never ending spiral of shame each week. If I were more on it these days, I'd at least start the post earlier in the week since often times I know the wedding that I want to feature. Oh well, instead I'm being a part-time blogger.

This week's wedding is very apropos to the way I've been feeling lately. I've become a full on homebody unless forced to leave. Luckily, I'm forced to leave the house pretty often, so I'm not a true homebody. But people, the desire is there. I'm primed for homebody-ness. Clearly, this lovely couple loves being homebodies, too. They got hitched...at home. That's right! Michelle and Ryan got married at home, with their family and close friends and dog. The intimacy of this couple's wedding is so evident in every beautiful photograph by Kristen Marie Tourtillotte, too! Seriously, how awesome, right? If only we had a home big enough, I would have done the same.

Don't you love that last photo where they are looking at each other while Michelle pets their dog? So sweet! They just look so in love (and relaxed)! Such a sweet, sweet wedding!

So, this weekend I have another 3 day weekend. Jealous? I know. I'm an ass like that. Sadly, my good friends lost their father unexpectedly this past Tuesday. So, I will be in good friend mode, helping out at work to cover their duties and then heading to the wake/funeral. After that, I'm working. But my hope is that by Saturday night, I'll be done with work and I'll be able to relax, relax, relax the rest of the weekend. This includes, but is not limited to, watching TV, watching movies, grabbing dinner with A.P. and being...a homebody. What are you doing this weekend? Something way more fun, I hope!

In the mean time, here are your dance moves for the week:

Button earrings...and not in the way you're thinking

My new obsession!

The face symmetry of celebrities, or how Salma Hayek looks hot no matter what

Ever read Cooking Comically? It cracks me up sometimes.

Good news for my lifelong diet

Beautiful hanging lamp made from...coffee filters!

Plus five Not the Marrying Kind posts you may have missed in the past month or so...

Do you include children in the wedding?

(Friday dance photo via here; Michelle and Ryan's home wedding photographed by Kristen Marie Tourtillotte via Miss Moss)

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