NYC Engagement Shoot

Let's kick off the year with an engagement! It makes sense, right? The new year is filled with such possibility and excitement, and so are those months when you are engaged. Before you settle in to married life, when all you can do is picture this momentous day that is looming in front of you. A new year is so similar in that you start off with all these images in your head of all that you will accomplish this year, and then the year goes by, and things happen you could not anticipate. Both are magical, but only one happens once in a lifetime. Here's to a kicking off the year with a little rare magic!

Check out this awesome engagement shoot from Jillian Bisinger via Brooklyn Bride. Rachel and Mario shot these super adorable photos in New York City's Little Italy. This shoot not only makes me hungry, but it also makes me wish I could exude such breezy style.

Happy New Year, peeps!

(Photos by Jillian Bisinger via Brooklyn Bride)

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