Magritte, Redux

One of my favorite painters of all time is Rene Magritte. I was fortunate enough to see his exhibit at the Art Institute as a child, and the images stayed with me my whole life. I love certain things immensely simply because they reference this oft-forgotten surrealist painter (all the credit usually seems to go to Dali). The remake of the Thomas Crowne Affair was mostly awesome, in my mind, only because of the Magritte-fueled identity switcheroo at the end.

The other day, I happened to find this awesome etsy shop that specializes in decals for your laptop. I'm not big on things to decorate your laptop at all. I've never owned a laptop case or decorated my computer with stickers, even grownup ones like these decals. But I found myself wanting to buy this for my own Mac laptop, simply because of it's cleverness and awesome take on the classic Magritte painting, Le Fils de L'Homme. Check it out:

They have a few other great ones, including a Dharma Initiative logo (for all you Losties out there), and a great take on Snow White. Plus, these decals are so cheap! Less than 5 bucks! Can't beat that. Swing by Decal Max and have a look around. They also carry some great decals for your walls, which I've always wanted to try, but feel I'd mess up royally. Go on, spend some of that Christmas cash!

(Photo via Decal Max's Etsy Shop)

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