I have a confession to make: I'm a total cheapie. But not in the bad way. I mean, I don't skimp on tips, or barter with people. Instead I'm cheap in that I would almost always rather have the cheap version of something than the really pricey version. I know that the pricey version is better, and I have an appreciation for quality products, but I'm cheap. I can't see spending an enormous amount of money on something, when you can find something just as good that will suffice and you can have more money in the bank. I used to think it was because I was broke all the time, but even now, with more money in the bank, I can't foresee spending it. The tricky part is that I have expensive taste. I almost always pick the most expensive version of something in magazines. If I'm looking for clothes or shoes online and I'm not really paying attention to the price, I will almost always desire the more expensive thing!

So when I saw this adorable Kate Spade jacket via Oh Joy!, well, I was sad. It will never be mine, because I can't bring myself to spend $450 on a jacket I probably won't wear 450 times!

So, mourn with me people and go stare at it a bit. Or go check out the super adorable back of the jacket as well as some other striped lovelies over on Oh Joy!

Do you spend a ton of money on clothes? If so, what do you like to splurge on? I always seem to make exceptions for shoes.

(Photo via This Next)

PS. This is mega late, but technically before midnight, and therefore counts as a post for today. : O )

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