Beauty Lies in Unexpected Places

I love beautiful things, and some day hope to furnish an entire home full of beautiful curiosities. I always think my favorite homes are the ones with magical things hidden in little nooks. C. Blonde, the woman who designed our invitations, had a home like this. In one corner she'd have a stereoscope, and in another a jar of old buttons. When I was a kid and would hang out at her house, I would love to just snoop around and pick up the little oddities she had lying around. If we had more space (and hopefully we will later on this year), I would so buy these lovelies and place them in the most unexpected places to capture guests' attention.

Unexpected Place: Kitchen Counter, What better way to tell how much time you've been slaving over dinner?

Unexpected Place: Office; Why not pretty up the office with a beautiful coffee table? Can't you picture this in a corner with a few magazines on it?

Unexpected Place: The powder room; Give your neutral bathroom a pop of color and a touch of vintage with this pretty peacock print on a page from a vintage dictionary

Unexpected Place: Nightstand; If you're like A.P. and use your cellphone as an alarm clock, why not give it a touch of class with this eco-friendly stand/dock

Object: Recycled Map Garland
Unexpected Place: Baby's Room; An eco-friendly decoration that can easily be swapped out for other decorations when baby gets a little older. Plus, just think about how s/he will have such great geography skills later on in life!

Object: Ruffled Side-Tie Silk Panties
Unexpected Place: Kitchen; See how much cooking you get done wearing these!

Object: Silhouette w/Antlers Necklace
Unexpected Place: Dangling from a Lamp; I'm in deep, deep love with this necklace from today's featured etsy seller, MarKhed. I aim to own it, I do.

Object: Vintage Wire Basket
Unexpected Place: Bathroom; Common bathroom necessities somehow look fancier in a vintage wire basket

(Photos via: Vohann Ceramic clock via etsy, Large Circles Coffee Table via etsy, Peacock Print via etsy, iPod Dock via etsy, Recycled Map Garland via etsy, Ruffled panties via etsy, Silhouette w/Antlers Necklace via etsy, Vintage Wire Basket via etsy)


  1. So pretty-this is totally my style too. I despise minimalism.


  2. I'm not a fan of minimalism either. It always looks nice in places like hotels or spas, but a home should be filled with love and lovely objects. : O )

  3. Very pretty things :) And I agree that a home should be filled. Not too filled, but filled.


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