Bad TV

I can't remember if I've mentioned that we got cable. It was a really big deal for us. I haven't had cable since college (when my rent was so cheap, I could afford a $100 cable bill), and A.P. hadn't had a basic cable channel on his TV since he lived with his parents! So after I got hired for this most recent job, we decided we'd get cable. Both of us were making more money, and even though we probably could have always afforded cable, we finally felt comfortable enough to get it. We don't have a DVR (much to my chagrin), but we do have all we really need: Bad TV.

Over my two week vacation, I watched the following all day marathons: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Jersey Shore, The Next Food Network Star. In addition, I watched a ton of TLC's A Baby Story (best birth control EVER), Law & Order (of course), and so much more. A.P. didn't mind the Real Housewives, but he drew the line at Jersey Shore. I can relate. I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm an educated woman; I have a Master's degree. I read, I consider myself knowledgeable about the world, and I feel as if I'm fairly cultured. So what the hell is wrong with me that I watched something like six hours of Jersey Shore??? Call me crazy, call me low class, call me whatever you want, but The Situation cracks me up.

And now, I'm going to call it a day, say that this fulfills my post a day resolution, and go watch Real Housewives Camille and Kyle act awkward around one another. What bad TV can't you get enough of?


  1. I now this is terrible, but I love TV. I think TV is just about the cheapest form of entertainment there is, even super premium cable costs less than what we used to spend going out and esting and drinking.

  2. I agree. We are big TV and movie watchers. I used to think it's bad, and definitely the shows I described myself watching in this post are pretty bad, but many of the other shows I watch are actually pretty intelligent. I still think Lost was one of the smartest shows on TV, and I think How I Met Your Mother is endlessly clever. And you're right...it IS the cheapest form of entertainment. : O )


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