A List for 2011, Part I

A.P. and I at the stroke of midnight, 2010/2011

I think that you're supposed to have all your resolutions planned out before the beginning of the year so that you can hit the ground running on January 1st, but I've never been too good about that. Instead, I always seem to take the first couple of weeks of January to really reflect on 2010, what I was able to accomplish, and what I wasn't. Typically, then, I make about 10 resolutions for the year, and try to keep them. Usually my goals are pretty vague: lose weight, write more, etc. However the last few years, I've been writing a vague goal, and then reflecting on how I want to achieve it. For instance, with lose weight, I might've written, "I want to get into a comfortable exercise routine where I work out 3 times a week, and lose about 20-25 lbs by the end of the year."

This year, I've decided to do something completely different. I've decided to make a list of things, big and small, that I want to do this year. Some I specifically want to do before my 30th birthday, which is March 7th, and some I just want to accomplish before the end of the year. Either way, I give you my list for 2011 (Part I).

1. Lose the rest of the weight I've gained since I started dating A.P. four and a half years ago. Do it at my own pace, and without headache or self-loathing.
2. Do my knee exercises more often. I have a bum knee. It's sad and true that I have a bum knee and I'm not even 30. Supposedly if I did these exercises 3-5 times a week, it'd be less of a bum knee (but still technically a bum knee).
3. Wear this sexy green dress I bought several years ago that I, for whatever reason, have never worn.
4. Find a bra to wear with the sexy green dress.
5. Get measured for a bra. It seems like every time I gain weight, my boobs get bigger. But then when I lose weight, my boobs stay the same size. I've been guestimating for too long what size bra I am. It's time to bite the bullet and let some old lady at the department store grope me a bit.
6. Make A.P. take me out on a fancy date so that I can wear the damn green dress!
7. Take our engagement photos. Yes, that's right. We still haven't done that. Oops.
8. After we take our engagement photos, chop off my hair. I found this old picture of my grandmother and am thinking about whacking off my hair so it looks like hers (in a slightly more updated way, though I do sort of appreciate the vintage charm of this cut).
9. Travel somewhere exotic...again. We went to Belize on our honeymoon and it was my first time really visiting an exotic location. I see what the fuss is about.
10. Join a team sport of some kind. Possibly rope A.P. into joining, too. I want to be a part of a kickball team. Or maybe a good badminton foursome? I just want to exercise in a way that isn't in a gym, with my headphones on, ignoring everyone.
11. Scrapbook. That's right. I said it. Scrapbook.
12. Pay off my credit card before my 30th birthday. When I was 21 years old, I studied abroad in Italy. In order to get myself there, I had to put my airfare on a credit card. I've had credit card debt ever since. What's funny about that is how little I actually use my credit card and how totally not reckless with money I am. For almost a year, I carried an expired credit card in my wallet because I forgot to change it out. That's how little I use my credit card. I've just never been in a position to pay it off completely. This goal is almost completed. On my 30th birthday, I will make my last payment, and the balance will be $0!
13. Get my life organized and keep my apartment clean.
14. Find a way to get my life organized and keep my apartment clean.
15. Try out the GTD system. (Not GTL...that joke never gets old with me.)
16. Get new glasses. My prescription hasn't really changed much, but the last time I bought glasses was an embarrassingly long time ago. I want some new, rad glasses I can sport around town.
17. Go camping in Michigan again. For a while, I did this trip annually, but A.P. and I have taken other trips the last two summers (Smoky Mountains, where we got engaged, and our wedding present trip to Montreal), and so didn't end up going camping. I miss it, and it's always fun to take the dog on a trip.
18. Write random, lovely letters. When was the last time you wrote someone a handwritten letter? Not a birthday card or a thank you card, but a real hello, how are you letter? I want to write at least five random hello, how are you letters. Email is overrated.
19. Play badminton more. We registered for, and awesomely got a badminton set for our wedding. We only got to play once last summer, but it was so much fun! I want to make it a point to go to the park, set up the net, and bat around the shuttlecock (love that it's called a shuttlecock, btw).
20. Read more. If only you knew what I did for a living. If only you knew how little I read. You'd be as embarrassed for me as I am for me. I read magazines all the time, but I need to find some new authors/books that I can enjoy. (Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments).
21. Rotate in some new old shows. I watch a lot of TV shows. So many, in fact, that sometimes I have to stop watching shows for a while, and rotate in other ones, which means I can get a few seasons behind. Right now I'm super behind on Mad Men, Dexter, Rescue Me, and Big Love. I aim to get caught up before new seasons start up again (particularly Rescue Me and Big Love, which both end this year).

I'm going to stop there, otherwise this turns into a wicked, long post. Stay tuned until tomorrow...I'll reveal the rest of my list for 2011.


  1. Good for you lady! My New Years resolutions are always the same- floss and drink more water!

    O and I recommend Jillian Micheal's work out videos. They are soooo hard, but they only last 20 min.

  2. I was eyeballing that 30 Day Shred at Target last week...you may have just convinced me. I get nervous about pain with my knee, but I'm willing to give it a try.


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