Montreal Saturdays: A Day for Weddings

We are still in Montreal, and are having a great time. I'm getting wiped after walking around for just a few hours, though, and I'm wondering how, in my younger traveling days, I could walk all day and night and not be tired! Anyway, just a quick post (because it seemed apropos of the blog) to show you some snapshots of the TWO weddings we saw today. First, we went to go to the Basilique Notre-Dame, only to find out they weren't admitting tourists because of the wedding that was occurring there today. Just as we were about to leave, the bells started chiming and the usher at the entrance pushed us all to the side, and out came the bride and groom! So beautiful! All these tourists started cheering and taking pictures, and it made me think that it wasn't too long ago that we were in the same boat. I love that sense of community you feel when you witness a newly married couple, and everyone smiling and being kind. It's so beautiful.

The happy couple exiting Basilique Notre-Dame

Center of attention

The second wedding was literally a hop, skip and jump away at the Palais de Justice, where another newly married couple were having photos taken. So fun! Later, we saw the first couple again in a horse and buggy sipping champagne. They were smiling, speaking French, and having a great time. Their horse had pink hair! I, unfortunately, couldn't pull out my camera fast enough to snap a picture of that, but still, seeing all those brides and grooms wandering around Vieux-Montreal really added a sense of romance to this weekend.

Limos awaiting their bride and groom in front of the Palais de Justice

Close-up of the bride and groom being photographed

I hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July weekend! Joyeux fete d'independence!

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