It's Been So Long Since We Danced

First of all, I have to say (and I know it's not humble to say this), but yay me for FINALLY getting back into my blogging routine. Maybe it was because I was sick this week and took a day off work, but I finally had time to read and catch up on a lot of my old blogs, and can I just say, it's crazy how much has changed! Some people announced that they're pregnant, and some people wrapped up their first 100 days of marriage. So much happened, and it was so nice to get back to my old "friends," that it reminded me it had been forever since I did the blogging stuff I used to do...like the ol' Friday dance. So here it is...in all it's glory: a fabulous new Friday dance. Enjoy!

First, let's give my mom props for finding this wedding recap on Project Wedding. My mom sent it to me so I could read some tips this bride had for saving on my money, and it was worth the read (though I felt like we're already doing a lot of the things she suggested). But more importantly, it was my mother's first foray into the wedding blogosphere.

This made me crack up so hard, I almost peed a little.

The goal? To make A.P. more like this husband. Tell me you don't swoon when you read this story! Plus, one of the biggest reasons I read this blog (besides the craftiness of the mom) is because those kids are so freaking adorable!

A.P. and I already have our guest book idea figured out (we'll share more on that later), but if we didn't, I'm loving this idea featured on Victoria with Roses.

I secretly hope it rains so I get the opportunity to wear some kickass wellies like this bride.

I'm loving this poster and am tempted to buy A.P. one for his wedding gift. But I think I should find something more "manly."

This isn't wedding or relationship related, but I with just a few weeks before Christmas, I need to get more into the holiday spirit, and this adorable and easily crafted advent calendar seemed like a nice holiday project.

If A.P. and I hadn't already bought our chalkboard to display our menu and program, I would have totally done this:

Image via 100 Layer Cake

After all, it's super cute, and super easy and affordable. Oh well. There's always the next wedding. Just kidding.

How cute is this DIY engagement session? Our photographers rates for the engagement session are really affordable, so we tacked it on to our wedding package. But for those of you looking for engagement photos, but who can't afford a wedding photographer to take them, I'm loving the idea of asking someone you know who is a good photographer. (Plus look at the results! Fantastic!)

And finally, I don't know if it's because my dad was in the hospital this week, or because when we asked my friend Sea Shell (obviously that's not her real name) to officiate the wedding yesterday she asked me how we were going to incorporate my being Indian, but this wedding was really speaking to me this week. It made me hope I do my father proud, but at the same time, despite it's beauty, I realized that kind of wedding wouldn't be me either. And it certainly wouldn't be A.P., the whitest white boy.

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  1. Ahhh, for the love of the dance. It's been a while. This is the first one since the engagement right? I couldn't remember. I can't wait to see what idea you came up with for the guestbook. And you're definitely the first bride I've ever heard to "secretly hope it rains." Love it. Can't wait to see how it all evolves. You can't leave me hanging with the Marty v. Mom case though. Happy holidays to you and your family!


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