What Has Two Thumbs and Is Getting a Photobooth for her Wedding?


The thing about having a 10K wedding in a big city is that you have to cut a lot of corners and DIY so much stuff yourself (or at least outsource those DIYs to crafty friends). One of the big debates in this household has been what we want to splurge on and what we want to save on, namely in the photography department. Though I haven't taken many photos since I started my new job, photography is important to me, and I love taking, having, and looking at photos. So I knew right away that I wanted a great photographer. Enter Theresa Scarbrough. Check and check. However, I also knew that I wanted a photobooth. I know it's becoming a cliche for weddings to have photobooths, but I have a good reason for wanting one so badly...I love photobooths!! Seriously, you should see all the photobooth pictures I have. When I travelled throughout Western Europe in college, every city I went to, I found a photobooth, and took pictures in it. If I met random people and ended up spending time with them, or if I was visiting friends, I dragged their asses in with me! Last year on A.P.'s bday, I planned a whole day of chasing down photobooths and taking our pictures in them throughout the city. Did I mention that A.P.'s bday is in January and there was snow on the ground and it was like 30 degrees out and we do NOT own a car?? Yeah, see? I'm pretty serious about photobooths.

So imagine my deep, deep disappointment when I couldn't find ANYONE who would charge under $1500 for a reception-length rental of a photobooth (and we're talking a real photobooth here, not the box that some photographers set up and 20 people can fit in there). When we went to visit Theresa Scarbrough, A.P. put the final kibosh on the photobooth (a conversation which later turned into fight, btw). I was so sad about it for so long, but finally decided that maybe I could settle for one of those boxes that some photographers set up and 20 people can fit into. I didn't want that, but I would be happy with it. In my search for a cheaper option, I happened upon Photobooth Express. Oh. My. God. AWESOME. They have totally reasonable packages and are willing to work with you on timing and things of that nature so that you can get the most out of your package. Needless to say, our wedding will have a photobooth! And it's the classic kind...updated so I have digital copies, but otherwise the same. Sweet, huh? I know we're probably still running a slight risk of going over budget, but in the long run, I know I'm going to be sooo happy. After our down payment the amount we have to scrape together is less to 1K, which makes it a little more doable, too. I figure, I can always scrape together some cash for the big dream.


  1. having a photobooth was a priority for me as well so I can totally feel your excitement !!! Yay and congrats to you for getting a great deal !!!

  2. Love the reference! Yay for the photobooth. Exactly, pay for what you want and then forget about the rest!


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