OMG!!! I'm blogging from my phone!

Hey all! It has been a long week! Tonight I volunteered to help out with a work related event and boy am I regretting it now! I am so tired! Leave it to me to over-extend myself. A.P. is probably psyched seeing as how he can listen to music really loud and do manly things, like drink beer and pass gas.

All in all the wedding planning has been slow going. Blame A.P.! Just as I predicted, that stack of wedding mags and resources has sat in the same place for the last two weeks. In all fairness, it has been a busy couple of weeks, and the other night he did take the mags to bed with him...but then he watched episodes of Breaking Bad instead. Tomorrow I think we are heading to the bakery where we want to have our wedding. It should be fun! Plus...wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to go searching through a million locations to find our wedding/reception site? I'll hopefully have pictures for you next time I blog. Though, with all that's been going on we'll see if I end up uploading them. I still haven't uploaded the pics from my trip to Colorado! Stupid new income source!

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