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Okay, this is for gossip hounds only...

Does anyone else find Kate Winslet's relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio a bit...odd? I don't really know how to describe it, except maybe inappropriate. To each their own, and I'm sure that her husband Sam Mendes is fine with it (or at least I hope he is), but I gotta tell you, when I saw her Golden Globe acceptance speech, I remember thinking how awkward it is that she thanked Leonardo DiCaprio before her husband and said how much she loved him. But still, it wasn't that bad. I mean it could've been a really awkward Angelina Jolie and her brother kiss (see image below). But then Ms. Winslet went on and on about her love of Leo on Oprah, and all kinds of other media platforms. Okay, again, odd, but maybe okay, right?

photo via The National Ledger

But the, then I saw today's Perez post. Really? You wear a ring on the same finger as your wedding band and you're not aware that perhaps your love is a little too much?? Really??!!?? Whatever...this is totally my opinion. But it's just...weird. Look at her looking at him...all in love.

photo via Perez Hilton

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