Dance Fridays!

photo by me!
Everyone who knows me well knows that my secret shame is my unabashed love of pop music. You know, the kind that you only listen to in the car when your ipod's battery is dead? Part of my love of pop music stems from my love of a good crescendo. If you write a song that has a good crescendo, I'm all yours. If you write a song that has a good crescendo featuring a strings section, I'm all ears! That's why, despite my non-love for The Killers, I was surprisingly bitten by this infectious song. It's okay to love one song, right?? It starts out just okay, but then those strings start up and...it's all over.

Anyway, here are my favs from this week. Short and sweet...

Dear Christina: Don't make your friends secretly hate you. No floppy hats. Not everyone is Jennifer Lopez.

A.P. hate this wedding. I loved it. At least he's looking at wedding stuff a little more. As Ellen would say, "Am I right, ladies?"

I totally want to DIY these garden markers. Just think! You could even DIY them into place cards!

I've got new blog love for .C is for Charmed. But look at these pretty engagement photos she featured on Wednesday. Look how in love they are! Lovely!

Finally, check out the latest additions to the blogroll: Perfect Palette, Budget Savvy Bride, Olivia Leigh Photography, and Sparkle Power.

Dance the day away!


  1. Thanks for the kind words! Your blog is hilarious! ; )

  2. Nothing to do with this post but I saw these cake toppers on etsy and I thought of you:


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