Wedding Wednesday: First Songs

The other day I was driving and listening to my iPod when our wedding song came on. Since our wedding, I haven't been able to listen to it. In fact, that might have been the first time I listened to it all the way through (and sang along) since the wedding. We just listened to it so damn much before the wedding! Ugh...

Anyway, as I was listening to it, I started to remember how hard it was to pick a song. Everyone focuses on the sentiment attached to picking a first song, but in reality what it is hard is picking a song you can dance to. If you remember, we originally wanted M. Ward's "To Go Home" to be our song, but found it impossible to dance to (you can read the whole story here), so we ended up choosing "Brand New Start" by Little Joy.

But for so many reasons this ended up being the perfect song choice, from the very first line to the chorus to the lyrics to the overall sentiment. And it's a kickass song. So, you know, there's that.

Seriously, though, picking a song for your first dance is one of those tough things that really makes you feel the pressure. You want to pick something that you can both stomach and that expresses how you feel about each other, all at a reasonable enough tempo that you can manage to avoid stepping on each other's toes. Plus, it's always preferable if it doesn't use the words "bitches" or "hoes." So, you know, that's a lot of work! *Plus* if you're anything like me, it falls to the bottom of your list no matter what your relationship to music is like. We love music, but we had so much else to do that it just wasn't our first priority. And yet, everyone seems to manage to find a song in the end. And often it is the perfect song! How in the world does it happen??

What was/is your first dance song? How did you decide?

PS. If you haven't chosen, Project Wedding has a fairly extensive list of suggestions.

PPS. What I really wanted for our first dance was 30 seconds of Lionel Richie's "Say You, Say Me" and then a record scratch, cut to M. Ward's "To Go Home." A.P. was sooo not down with it. He didn't think it was funny and he HATED the record scratch soundbyte. Lol...that was a battle I lost early on.


  1. Hah. Funny story, that. We had decided to not have a 'first dance' (that is, not one where everyone stood looking at us while we swayed from side to side for three minutes) because while I think it's awesome for some people, it didn't feel like 'us.' So... our first dance, totally by accident, and because this just happened to be the first song we danced to, was Gnarls Barkley's 'Crazy.' Hah. It was AWESOME.

  2. @Helen: That's HILARIOUS!! *And* awesome!! I felt SO awkward dancing with everyone staring at us. I just tried to focus on A.P. as much as possible. : )


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