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I kind of can't believe how incredibly fast the end of this year is going. I feel like we are all being plummeted to our demise, aka the end of civilization as we know it: the 2012 apocalypse. Ha! I'm just kidding. Seriously, though, October was a flash and now we're already halfway through November! What the what??!!?? Soon, it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then The Half-breed Swede is coming to visit!! Yay!

I'm not complaining about how fast time is going, though. It means we'll get through winter faster, hopefully. Frankly, this is the year I'm officially over the cold, cold weather. Yesterday, it snowed for something like ten minutes and I was actually sad. That's very unlike me. Usually, I relish in the first snow of the season. It's just that we've had such nasty weather lately. It's constantly rainy and cold and gray out. Ick. That is why, I fell in love with this Bali wedding. It's not only a beautiful affair, but it's also an excuse for me to fantasize about jetting off to Bali and getting away from the cold Chicago weather.

Grace and Michael's beautiful wedding was shot by Kelvin Koh of Lightedpixels Photography. They were married at Alila Villas Soori, a gorgeous resort in Bali. The focus of the wedding was firstly on the beautiful, exotic black sand beaches and breathtaking backdrop of Bali and secondly on the culture itself. The couple served Balinese BBQ and featured Kacek dancers, a tradition of Balinese culture. But more than anything, it's the couple's clear love for each other that made me want to feature this wedding. After all, I love when I see a wedding where everybody's crying...it shows how emotionally invested everyone is in the couple and their love for each other. Enjoy!

Isn't that whole thing just...amazing? Makes me want a do over. This time in Bali. It's on like Donkey Kong, people!

This weekend, I'm helping my dad out by taking him to the doctor. We're also working on a top secret project I'll share more details about next week. Lately, we've been doing so much of nothing, that I'm hoping the weather will be nice this weekend and we can get out and do something. Though, I have no idea what yet. What are you up to this weekend?? Hopefully something more fabulous than us!

In the mean time, here are your dance moves for the week:

Love this mustard custom made jumper...and only for $100! What a deal!

Sick of your swimming pool? Turn it into a sustainable food farm!

Thinking about working my way through the 50 Greatest Cult Movies. Luckily, I've already seen a bunch, so I've got a good leg up.

If this doesn't make you cry, you're a robot: A Dog's Seeing Eye Dog

These trump my flying photos by, like, a million

Don't you want a slide in your house?? The real question is, why wouldn't you?

And of course, the Thanksgiving recipe series

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(Friday dance photo via here; Grace and Michael's Bali wedding photographed by Lightedpixels Photography via The Wedding Bureau

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