A Walk in the Woods...in the City

When we were at North Park Nature Center a couple of weeks ago, I saw a ton of bags of hay along with a sign that said, "Free Hay." I had to go back this past weekend with A.P. and snag a few bags for my garden. Of course, by then there were only a few left. I took a couple and am using them to cover my raised beds for the winter. In the mean time, though, A.P. and I walked around a bit and took some photos.

If you live in Chicago and don't know about North Park Nature Center, you really are missing out. Part of North Park University, it's a stretch of land that is located in the city, but feels as if you have stepped into the country. It's basically a wooded area with a small wetland. There are deer, foxes, and so many other creatures roaming around. But step outside, and BOOM, you're back in the city. It's so crazy! We love it even though we don't get there often enough.

I shot all of my photos with my Canon AE-1, so until I finish the roll of film and get it developed, you'll have to enjoy these pics A.P. snapped with our digital camera. : )

Isn't it beautiful? You'll see some more of North Park soon. Just wait! ; )

(Photos by A.P.!)

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