Things I Love

As the weather flits back and forth between unseasonably warm and sunny and cold and rainy, here are some things that are keeping me supremely happy these days:

1. Uggs
I wear Uggs almost every day of my life once cold weather hits. I wish people wouldn't look at me funny if I wore them in the summer, too, since technically they are all-weather boots. I like to tell people it's like wearing slippers at work. It's heavenly. I'm even thinking about investing in a new pair, since my not even that old pair got a hole pierced in them from the icy snow last winter. Sniff, sniff. So sad.

2. Plaid
Whenever I'm sad, plaid cheers me up. It's my favorite pattern and I'm almost always drawn to it in stores. I remember my first two plaid shirts that I purchased during my grunge phase in my adolescence. I don't think I ever quite outgrew it (or Weezer, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam) and still lust for it. I got engaged in it and rocked it in my post-engagement shoot, which I was already planning on doing, but which The Half-breed Swede emailed me that I must do. It's perfect in any season and one of my favorite shirts which I've been consistently rocking through various trends is my thrifted brown plaid shirt, which I've had since 2000. It's timeless and I *still* get compliments on it. I'm lusting on this one right now and wish I could add it to my collection:

3. Bagels and cream cheese
For almost a month solid, I've been eating bagels and cream cheese for breakfast. I've done bagel thins, fat free cream cheese, chive cream cheese, and with lox. My favorite is of course, always with lox. If I have capers, even better. I could eat bagels and lox forever. I toast my bagel, put cream cheese on it (and on those good days, lox), wrap it in a paper towel, and put it in a sealed plastic bag. Then I eat it with my morning cup of tea (see #4 below). And for fun, one of my favorite bagel places in Chicago.

4. My morning cup of tea
When I lost my voice for a month, I started drinking tea in the mornings. Oddly enough, it was my goal to cut out the Diet Coke (a terrible habit, I know) and drink tea instead. For the record, I only ever drink Diet Coke when I'm working. I never drink it on the weekends or during vacations. I only ever do it for caffeine and I avoid caffeine when I don't need it. I also only ever drank 2 cans of Diet Coke a day. But it was starting to bother me that I drank it, so losing my voice was, in some ways, a blessing in disguise because it got me drinking tea. I'm down to 1 Diet Coke a day and I drink tea in the morning. On particularly exhausting days, I still sometimes drink 2 cans, but those days are few and far between. If I could figure out how to replace the afternoon Diet Coke with tea, I would do that, too. But it's easier said than done. I have no way to make tea at my job. I'm working on it, though, I swear. I typically just like black tea, like Lipton, with two tea spoons of sugar. But I'd love to order some of these yummies for days when I'm craving something a little different.

I got an iPad for work a couple of months ago. Frankly, I'm too paranoid to put anything on there, so it's not nearly as pimped out as if it were my own. The one thing I do use it for all the time is to watch TV or movies in bed. Lately, I'm loving the TBS App for iPad, which, if you login through your cable provider, allows you to watch full episodes of Conan, The King of Queens, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld, and more. It's nice to watch something funny before you go to bed. I'm a big believer in watching a sitcom before I go to sleep. Nothing better than laughing your way to bed. This app has a bunch of great sitcoms with just three commercial interruptions. You can watch a 20 minute episode and fall asleep on nights you don't feel like reading. Loves it!

What are you loving these days? What's getting you through the gloom and doom of this post-Daylight Savings, pre-winter season?

(Uggs photo via here; Plaid Shirt via ShopBop; Bagel and Cream Cheese with Lox Photo via here; Pumpkin Spice tea via Amazon; Vanilla Caramel Truffle Tea via Amazon; Bavarian Wild Berry Tea via Amazon; TBS App for iPad Photo via iTunes)


  1. Aaah bagels and tea, a girl to my own heart!

  2. If you like Nutella, Stash makes a tea that tastes as close to it as tea can come. It's decaf, too, which is great for warming you up, draining any sinus crud, and general deliciousness. It's their Chocolate Hazelnut decaf black tea. It's one of my fall favorites!

  3. @Musing: One of my favorite breakfasts is bagels and lox.

    @Retired Bridesmaid: I LOVE Nutella! That sounds delicious! I drink caffeinated tea in the morning, but when I drink tea in the evenings, I reach for the decaf. I'll have to look for this next time! Sounds so yummy!


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