In Solidarity

Tomorrow at 12pm in Union Park, there will be a massive Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) rally in Union Park.  The purpose of the rally is to show solidarity with the CTU in our fight for a fair contract.

The CTU has been on strike for the past five days and in addition to fighting for a fair contract, it has been protesting many problems in the public education system here in Chicago, including: the mayor-appointed school board; the use of TIF money to fund neighborhood projects like the building of a Hyatt hotel on the south side by Penny Pritzker, who controls the Hyatt hotel chain and is on the Board of Education (a clear conflict of interest); the constant turning around of neighborhood schools; the slow and steady privatization of the public education system through the expansion of charter schools and closing of neighborhood schools; the use of standardized tests to evaluate teachers; and, of course, the slow and steady plot to destroy labor unions in this country and eradicate a middle, working class (see Wisconsin, Indiana, New Jersey).

These are things I am very passionate about and am baffled every day when I realize that people simply don't know about these things (and the media does not report the truth at all).  I can't tell you how many people are seriously misinformed.  This past week, I've watched more people talk about and discuss the state of education in this country than I have in the past six years.  It's amazing.    We've started a revolution and I hope it continues to spread throughout this country.

It's also been nice to really get out there and talk to the community about these things.  And while there have certainly been a lot of haters, there are also a TON of supporters.  I hope you're one of them.  If you are, I am asking you to show your solidarity with the CTU by reposting the above image, and link this post to your blog tomorrow, Saturday September 15, 2012 in support of the CTU (if you don't read this until after and want to show your solidarity, you can repost at a later date, too.  We appreciate the support no matter the day.).  Then, leave a comment below and I will link your blog below.  Please pass this along to your friends who blog, too.

Thanks again for the support all week!  I appreciate the emails and comments!

Bettencourt Chase stands with the CTU

(Stand for Public Education designed by Paul Kjelland via Justseeds)

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