Um, I can't believe it's the weekend already.  I am actually happy this week is almost over!  It was a stressful week.  My last guitar class of this session is today, which means there's a recital.  Besides blogging, guitar took a hit, too.  I've barely practiced and reluctantly decided to take a break this time around.  But I don't want to never play again or give it up, so I joined the Old Town School of Folk Music.  I figured if I was a member and paying for it, I'd be more likely to sign up for classes and not give up on my folk music dreams!  : )  I'll take a break until June and sign up for the next session.  Gardening season is upon us and I plan on working long hours over the next few months.  Guitar would have been the death of me!

Anywho...I may not have gotten it together to blog Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week, but I did get it together to blog today...twice (I'll be posting a weekend date later on today!).  I'm really, really trying to blog more, even if it doesn't seem like it.  I've just been so, so tired and overwhelmed with work lately.  Here's a short list of everything I've given up for work lately:

- Blogging
- Guitar
- Photography
- Talking to family
- Talking to friends
- Seeing family
- Seeing friends
- Crafting/making things
- Cleaning (A.P. does this almost exclusively now)
- Reading

And I'm sure there are more things I'm forgetting.  It makes me wonder, though, how do people do it?  I'd love to do a feature here on balance because some people seem to do it so well and I seem to struggle with it so.  I obviously have much to learn.  I'm amazed when people work full time, are part of some kind of book club or sport team or what have you, and they manage to have a social life.  I just don't get how that happens.  If they have kids on top of it, I'm even more baffled.  How do people find balance in their lives?  Do they just make a decision to leave work at a certain time or not work on the weekends?  Or are their jobs simply more conducive to having a life?

How do YOU find balance?   What tricks can you share with the hopelessly unbalanced like me?


  1. I have no idea, but let's agree the first one of us who finds out will tell the other, ok?

    Actually, I do have an idea, from observing that kind of people at work. They don't sleep much. They leave work late, go straight to a restaurant or a social event, go back home at midnight, sleep 5 hours and get up to go to work again. In week-ends they get up at 8 instead of 6 and have fuller schedules than during the week.
    I guess it works for some but it simply doesn't for me. I am currently paying the consequences of living my life in 5th gear most of the time and living on 6-7 hours of sleep when my body REALLY needs 8-9 (always has). I think at some point these people will pay the consequences on a health level. It's been measured that we now do 30% more things on a day than we were doing 30 years ago. And I don't think we can keep on like this without consequences, only it's too soon to measure them yet.

    (that was the optimistic minute)

  2. Give up sleeping. . . and cleaning. We balance a fair amount in our schedules but neither of us work more then 40 hours and rarely have take home work so that helps keep things balanced. I can only imagine that once we have kids most extracurricular activities will be cut.

    Maybe you should set an aspiration goal of two or three blogs a week, it seems less daunting then trying to do it everyday. Or you could try to crank them all out on the weekend and set them to publish through out the week?


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