The Tryptych, or Why I Still Haven't Finished the Damn Stripes Photos

Guys, deep down in my soul I am a huge procrastinator, just like A.P. It's true. My new career has forced my hand in the procrastination game, and so I've become a more proactive person. But, somewhere dark inside lurks my evil procrastinator and she has reared her ugly head. Remember my Stripes Every Day project? I really did take pictures every day, but work got busy in May and my dad was in the hospital and my brother was acting like a nut and I couldn't keep up with it all. I swore I'd have them done over my vacation, but it didn't happen. Now, it's almost the end of July (is that not the saddest thing ever, btw) and I still haven't done them. And it's embarrassing.

The thing is, if you know me at all, you know that I eventually get things done...even if it takes me years. Witness these paintings. Years ago, when I first met A.P. I started painting the middle one. It was so tedious and frustrating that I gave up. I envisioned a tryptych, but could only get through one tryp of the tych.

Fast forward two years later...I had just moved in with A.P. and we needed something to hang above our sofa. I stayed up one whole night and finished the other two paintings. A.P. woke up in the morning to me being a nut, still in the clothes I was wearing the day before, and with paint supplies spread out all over the place. But, we had art. And it still hangs above our bed.

Another case in point was when I started making this Christmas present for an old friend when we were in college. It was a scrapbook photo album and I never finished it. Fast forward like five years later and she gets a package in the mail with the scrapbook. Finally completed. We weren't even friends with some of the people anymore.

The point is, eventually I get things done. I'm working on all kinds of photography projects now (specifically FINALLY doing our wedding albums and uploading more pictures to our online albums) and the stripes photos have fallen to the wayside. I still plan on getting them done by the end of the summer, but I don't want people to think I'm a loser and I say I'm going to do something and I don't. I'm not a loser, okay? I'm a procrastinator. It's different. Seriously.

Btw, I'm working on cleaning and reorganizing and I also want to finish up some more decorating projects. I always like to do these things in the summer. But then when I'm done, I'm going to do a home tour. Fun!

PS. Yesterday was the most beautiful day every. I took Radar to the garden and we hung out and gardened for a long time. I got a bit too much sun and Radar was pooped when we got back. Witness the adorable picture I snapped of him out like a light!

(Diana Photos Taken by Me w/Vignette Camera for Android)

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  1. "one tryp of the tych" - ROFL
    I'm super impressed by your art!


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