Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

I am slowly trying to make a return to blogging. My life got really crazy, and the past six months have been tiring. Here's the recap:

January: We become completely overwhelmed with wedding planning. I come home from long days at work, and start my other job as a wedding planner. I return to work after our Florida vacation, and my boss chews out my whole department. Things become intense at work. A.P.'s birthday comes and goes with only a wee bit of celebration.

February: Wedding is sooo close I can taste it, and A.P. and I are fighting all the time about seemingly everything. I am overwhelmed. He is overwhelmed. We are overwhelmed. Valentine's Day comes and goes without much fanfare. A.P. loses his job.

March: My birthday comes and goes without any celebration. Wedding planning kicks into high gear. I find out I have to start going to physical therapy for my knee, twice a week. As if I have any time for that! My friend, the Half-breed Swede, comes into town (all the way from England!!) one week before the wedding and saves my ass. She keeps me calm (or as calm as possible) and helps me finish up a ton of last minute DIY projects. The wedding comes (and goes by too fast). I am an hour late to my own wedding (more on that later), but otherwise everything was wonderful. My department at work throws me this awesome surprise pre-wedding lunch and are so kind to me that it makes up for the insanity that has become my job. A.P. gets a job right before the wedding. Phew.

April: We go to Belize for our honeymoon. So awesome. I come back and taxes are due, and work is insane, and every muscle that was relaxed on that too short of a honeymoon tenses and before I know it, I'm back to being a crazy person. I still have to go to physical therapy, and am working long hours. A.P. starts his new job.

May: At the end of staff appreciation week, I lose my job. So much for appreciation. The kicker? I still have to work there for the next month and a half. Some of my superiors simply stop talking to me. I am depressed, and beaten down, and feel like shit. I have no will to look for a job (which sadly is still true).

June: Work ends (badly). I start a new temporary gig which will last me most of the summer, and then I'm officially unemployed. I am redecorating our apartment. We ended up getting a lot of money instead of gifts, so we bought a ton of stuff off of our registry, and I'm redecorating. Our goal was to move out of this place into a bigger place, but now that I'm jobless, it's just not in the cards. So instead, I'm making due and making this place awesome and liveable.

So that's the recap. It's tough coming back after such a long absence. I know I'll have to rebuild my readership, and of course, I have to post the wedding recap. I took all these pictures of the projects I did for the wedding, so that I could write some DIY posts, but I think I'll have to save those for later. In the mean time, I hope that you all will come back and read some time. I miss writing the blog, and there really wasn't a week that went by between this past December and now where I didn't think about blogging. It feels good to be back and to write again.

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