I Could Have Danced All Night

Photo by me!

First of all, thanks to everyone who commented congrats! I really appreciate the outpouring of love! I'm not as good as I used to be about responding to comments, so please forgive me, but I did read them all and appreciate them, as always.

I must try to hurry and get this posted because A.P. is taking me out to dinner tonight to celebrate my employment. And because I don't want to be that girl, you know, the one who always is running late (which I am 95% of the time when it comes to these things) I need to go shower, and get prettified. But first...there's the dance!

So, as I told you all before, I have designed a mock-up of our invitation. It's really, really, really in the beginning stages, and I have yet to scan it in, but after checking out Brooklyn Bride last week, I was stunned to see almost my exact same invitation! So if you're curious what ours will look like, go look at this, because I swear to God it's almost the exact same thing. Insane!

Also, remember how I said shopping carts would be the new balloons?? Um, yeah...CALLED IT! Don't believe me? Go look. Caroline Tran is a photographer I've featured before and she's worked her magic again with this delightful engagement session as featured on Green Wedding Shoes, featuring a SHOPPING CART. See? Trendsetter, or at least trend caller!

Still haven't found your wedding dress? Gangsta Bride had mad love for these under 1K dresses! I do, too!!

Now for the little details, which as you know, are my favorite! A.P. still doesn't understand why the little things always bother me, and I always say, it's because the little things are IMPORTANT. And they are. Especially when the little things are jars filled with wooden spools, vintage buttons, and woolen balls. Those are the stuff of dreams. I've been ebay browsing vintage keys, wooden spools and vintage wooden tops for MONTHS trying to make a nice collection not only for some interesting objets d'art around our house, but also for our wedding. The only issue I've had is trying to figure out how to display them. Enter Jordyn and Bradley's wedding as featured on Once Wed! Check out some of their centerpieces:

Photos via Once Wed

So simple and cute! Plus if little jars aren't your thing, check out these fabulous table settings as featured on Style Me Pretty. I love the little bird cage and bird (duh, right?)!

Or what about these fantastic papercuts as featured on Thoughtful Day? They would make beautiful centerpieces! Or if it's too costly, at least buy one and put it by your guestbook! Might I suggest the bird one? (Again...duh...like you didn't know I would suggest that one!)

Or if papercuts aren't your thing, and sparklers are (have I explained why I heart sparklers so much? One day I need to tell you about my first date with A.P.), check out this beautiful setup:

Don't be surprised if you see something similar in my wedding photos! Or for that matter a take on these cute cake toppers from Party Perfect. Soooo adorable. I almost like the birthday girl better than the wedding one!

I keep starting paragraphs with "Or"...what am I? A manic wedding planning blogger? I can't help it. Simple pretty things get me excited. Like A Field Journal's Paper Lace banners. So simple and soooo easy! I don't know anyone who could mess this one up! I think even A.P. could make this (and maybe come wedding time, he will!).

Finally, I know I always go on and on about all these little details, and I'm sure many of you are thinking I'm crazy. But really, they do pay off. I try very hard to pick ideas for Friday dances, or just the blog in general that are simple, doable, and beautiful. So when I saw this wedding over on A Cup of Jo, I figured it would be a good example of how easy, cost-effective details can really pay off. So as my final farewell before dinner and Julie & Julia (which I've been waiting for since I devoured the book two years ago!), I give you, A Lemon Wedding!

All Photos via A Cup of Jo

Have a great weekend, party people! I'll be back blogging next week with a DIY project I've been dying to share with you!


  1. Good call on the carts! Clearly, I would've never seen that coming. Have a great weekend. I'm intrigued to hear this DIY project. Congrats again on the new gig too.

  2. I love the lemons! Unfortunately it is a little late for me but - WOW. We did looked at using green apples though.

  3. you totally called the shopping cart thing. wedding trends blow my mind sometimes. i generally associate shopping carts with the homeless, not fiances. where do they get them anyways? do they jack em from kroger?

    your wedding invites are gonna be sweet.

  4. @mr. nichols: thanks! i'm super excited to get started! it will be a great job, for sure. also, i don't think any of us would have seen the shopping cart thing. i'm with gangsta bride...shopping carts have a certain homeless/i live out of this cart feel, not i think i'm in love. lol.

    @zanna: i love green apples. i should post this really cool bar setup i saw. i was too scared to use it at our wedding, but i thought it was really cool. they had balanced glass jars of lemonade and iced tea on a glass circle that was balanced on top of concentric circles of green apples. very cool.

    @gangsta bride: thanks! i need to go about figuring out how to scan them in. i think my scanner is too, too small. so that's been the real problem. i have a friend who is a graphic designer and so has big bed scanners. i should ask her to scan them in. also, i totally agree about the shopping carts! i may have called the trend, but i don't like it. lol...

  5. Just found your blog (I am a fellow bride) and you are so right. The details are oh so important. Love your blog btw

  6. @brideonashoestring: Welcome! Nice to have new readers!! I checked out your blog. Great stuff!


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