Well hello, Penny!

Dude...Max Wanger just posted Sonya Walger's wedding. If there are any Lost fans (and if you aren't a fan, you really should be. BEST. SHOW. ON. TV.), you'll recognize the lovely Ms. Walger as Penny, Desmond's one true love, from ABC's Lost. Or if you happened to be one of the ten people (myself included) who watched HBO's Tell Me You Love Me, you'll recognize her as the pregnancy obsessed Carolyn. The wedding is beautiful, and of course, she is the most beautiful bride. Run and give the whole thing a look-see. Tell 'em Marty J. sent ya!


  1. You had me at hello! Indeed, Lost is the best show on TV so as soon as I saw Penny and Lost in the same sentence, I hopped on over here to check it out. those pictures were incredible! good find.

  2. What gorgeous photos. As someone who had a winter wedding I did feel a little envious. I actually never realized on Lost how pretty she is. I'm looking forward to the next season but I'll be sad for it to end. (I hear that the producers will start working on producing a series based on Stephen King's Dark Tower series, so that may make it a little easier)


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