I've been working hard yesterday and today to FINALLY update my links! A couple of months ago I realized that I read far more blogs than I have listed here. Well, it has taken me that long to get it together and go through my bookmarks and update the links!

Though a lot of these might sound familiar because I post about them often, please still go check out these blogs. They're awesome!!

Wedding Related:

A Tale of Two Brides
Bella Blog
Bride. Artist. Adventurer.
Gangsta Bride
Globetrotting Bride
Iowa Bride
Just a Girl Planning a Shabby Chic Wedding
Parisian Party
Pink Avenue Bride
Style Me Pretty
The Broke Ass Bride
Wedding Bee
The Wedding Cabaret
M & M Wedding


Jason Keefer
Martin Pettinger Photography
Olivier Lalin, Wedding Photographer
Photorexit Photography
Tec Petaja Photography

Food, Home, Life:

Just the Little Things
A Lovely Morning
Oh Happy Day!
Oh Joy!
Party Perfect
Vanilla Sugar

Paper, Craft, Art:

Jafabrit's Art
Dan Meth
Something's Hiding in Here
Craft Chi
Modge Podge Rocks
A Field Journal
The Finer Things
Oh So Beautiful Paper

Reader's Blogs/Reading Blogs:

Americo & Me
DC Dating Adventures
Don't Be a Slut
Love 'Em or Leave 'Em Relationship Blog
She Versus He
Stop This Ride I Want Off
The First 100 Days
The Honeymoon Phase


  1. There are so many of these blogs I haven't heard of. To think of all the good wedding ideas I've been missing... "gasp"


  2. Love, love, love your blog! Thanks for including mine on your list!

  3. @mr. nichols: you're welcome...should've been done AGES ago! especially your blog and the rest of the gang's stuff.

    @Liz: I have to say, Liz, I wouldn't worry about missing all the good ideas. You did a bang up job all on your own!

    @globetrottingbride: I love, love, love your blog! Of course I would include it! : O )

  4. @marty - thanks so much for linking to Don't Be a Slut!

    P.S. Your potted plant rain boots are really cool!

  5. @Don't Be a Slut: Thanks! And of course I would link your blog! I love your blog...I just hate that you always hook me and then leave me hanging! Lol...but that's what keeps me coming back for more! :O )


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