Come Dancing!

photo by me!

It's that time again! Can you believe how fast this week went? I have been seriously pounding the pavement dropping off resumes! It sucks. I went to seven places this week, and I'm about to go to three more today. But before I do...let's do a little dancing.

It seems that this was the week of video invitations, save the dates, and thank yous. The funniest was definitely from DIY Wedding Girl, who featured The Broke Ass Bride's video. You can see it here. My favorite part is when he says, "I was doing stuff you do in 2002," and you see Friendster in the back! Classic!

There is also this save the date, via Brooklyn Bride, and this invitation which is awesome and must have taken FOREVER to make via A Cup of Jo. A.P. saw this on one of his econ blogs, which means it must be making the rounds big time!

There are several beautiful weddings making the rounds. One of my favorites is this one from The Wedding Cabaret. I love the intimacy and the last picture where it looks like they're trying to hail a cab is classic. If that were my picture, I would frame that bitch right up on the wall!

These two, both via Rock 'n Roll Bride, are amazing as well. I love the bride's hair in this one, and I think these two might secretly be making a Belle & Sebastian album cover.

This engagement/wedding comes from The Wedding Chicks. I just love the picture of them in the restaurant.

This wedding was referred to me by Liz, Felix's fiancee from Avoision, one of my favorite everyday blogs. Liz is awesome! She makes yummy food, and is making all these cool wedding favors like homemade vanilla extract and rock candy!! Anyway, she is much faster around the internerd than I am, and she found this surprise wedding on 100 Layer Cake. It's nice to read/see how another surprise wedding played out. I'm telling you, ladies (and gentlemen), this is going to be the new trend!!

Finally, check out all these wonderful little things you could buy/make/add to your own wedding! You could get this charming cake topper (found via A Splendid DIY $10,000 Wedding)! You could turn these toothpicks from Party Perfect into more than just food labels. Hello! Place cards!

And finally, given my recent photo project, is it any wonder that I wouldn't love these engagement photos from Steep Street photography??? Just fantastic!

photos via Steep Street

Stay tuned tomorrow...I usually don't post on the weekends, but I'm going to post on a giveaway I've spotted!!


  1. Thanks for the mention! I love your Friday Dance - what a fun way to cap the end of the week and brings a smile to my face after a tough week! :) Have a great weekend...

  2. Awesome post! Glad you love the video, it's done by www.digitalprincessproductions.com and Mrs Broke-Ass-Brides husband wrote the rap!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yay! I'm not even a blogger and I got a mention. :)

    I finally got my next batch of experimentation equipment in the mail today... But I have to finish my final exam first. Yar.

    I hope to have more fun stuff soon on the fiancé's blog, avoision.com.

  5. @Sienna: Thanks! I saw that he wrote it! It was too funny!

    @Liz: Why so secretive, Liz? What *kind of* experimentation equipment?? Haha. Can't wait!


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