My pets, what do you and your significant other bicker about the most? I would say hands down, A.P. and I bicker the most over cleaning. We bicker a lot. Note I'm using the word bicker, and not fight, because I feel like fighting is feelings getting hurt and saying things you can't take back, whereas nagging at each other in one minute spurts about something mundane, and then in the next breath kissing and eating dinner together and talking as if two minutes ago never happened falls more under the heading of bickering. That being said, we bicker all the time about housework. Two years of living together and it's still an issue.

Lately, I've been hardcore cleaning and redecorating the place and everything's a hot jumble of a mess, but it's coming together slowly. I pitch in some effort a bit at a time, so really the place has been a hot mess all summer, but is improving over time. Still, the place looking like this has led to some serious bickering. I keep waiting for the bickering to end, and the cleaning to be equally divided, and all these problems to stop so that we can just be, but it seems they never do. So I ask, do you all bicker about cleaning? How did you all figure it out?

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